Crystal Buffalo on Marble Base

1984 example
Manufacturer: Trabucco Studio

One of the Crystal Buffalo\'s that are almost a Trabucco trademark, made in various poses and sizes. They are still being produced.

The card, illustrated, contains the text: 

"The Story of Trabucco Originals

This elegant piece of glassware was created by Victor A. Trabucco, one of the most outstanding and creative glass artists in the world today. Trabucco, a resident of Buffalo, New York, is unique among such artists in that he is the only one to have mastered both the art of crystal sculpturing and paperweight making. He enjoys international recognition and his pieces occupy prominent places in the most distinguished collections throughout the United States and numerous foreign countries."

The current website contains a very similar text, upgrading the \'collections\' but also depersonalising to the studio name.

Size 150mm (6") long

This piece is signed on the flank, and dated 1984.

Image ©2010 L Clark

2010 cost $800, also made in 125mm (5") and 100mm (4")

The secondary market is not so kind and these can be found quite cheaply.

This piece is signed on the flank, and dated 1984.

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