Owl creamer

Richards & Hartley Glass company, USA
Description Height is 3 3/4" maximum.  widest point (beak to handle) is 3 1/8".

No original catalog has ever identified this little hoot!  However, I have a theory, see extra images.

The little kitten on pillow is also vaseline, and has the same strange dingy yellow look to it, and it is a known novelty by Richards & Hartley, a company that was in Tarentum, Pennsylvania, during the time period the kitten was made in this color (1884-1891).  I have also seen other KITTEN ON PILLOW pieces, and all are this color.  When the two are put side by side, and the color is so distinctively different than most vaseline glass, I think in this instance, we can be about 99.9% certain that the color was pressed at Richards & Hartley.  That last .01% is reserved only if a catalog illustration is located.  There have been a few references that have published this creamer, and all have given their speculation, but none have based their speculation on a distinctive color.

Size: 3¾" (95mm) high. Beak to handle 3 1/8" (80mm)

Text and Image ©2008 Dave Peterson (vaselineglass.org)

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