Dolphin (Stylised) or Whale?

Unknown maker
Neodymium Glass
Similar to Mediterranean area Dolphins and Fish
Image is two views under different lighting.
Manufacturer: UNKNOWN MAKER

Neodymium glass reacts to different light source and lilac in daylight appears blue when lit by fluorescent.

The owner said "It is lilac in daylight & halogen, pale green under energy saving lamp and, so I\'m told, blue under fluorescent. Maybe Murano or Czech? "

The green being due to the slight difference in spectrum between normal fluorescent and the fluorescent energy saving lamps - both of which put out yellow/green light. Capturing such subtle differences from different fluorescent lighting types is hard as cameras do not resolve such colours very well.

There are other types of glass that react different to light sources but few are as marked as the effect with Neodymium.

Size: 195mm (7¾") high - 2nd example 130mm (5") high, length, 90mm (3½") long

Image ©2008 J Fifield

Additional example 1 image ©2008 L Clark

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