Bat (Bacardi)

Sourced in cuba, probably made in Europe.
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Manufacturer: UNKNOWN MAKER

The famous Bacardi Rum Bat logo was born in 1862 in Cuba in the western city of Santiago de Cuba, the idea of using the Bat as a logo came from the wife of Don Facundo Bacardi, she suggested to his husband after visiting the site that Facundo Bacardi had choose to open the Bacardi factory - distillery, an old wharehouse full of bats. She also picked the bat because in those times (Cuba in the 1860s), the Bat was considered a sign a good luck.

This gorgeous Bacardi French Glass figure was proably made in the 1930s, this Bacardi bat belonged for sure to a high Bacardi company executive back in the 1930s in Cuba.

Bat measures about 2.5 inches high x 2.4 inches wide 

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