Lincoln bottle bank

After 1952

Bottle cap is printed with Abraham Lincoln bust and "LINCOLN BANK BOTTLE" which is also moulded at the lower back. This cap originally had a seal, removable allowing the empty bottle to be used as a coin savings bank. Base of bottle has mould lettering under base "PAT. DES. D168155. - 6 17 OI_logo 3 - LINCOLN FOODS INC. - LAWRENCE, MASS."

The original design patent is available online at Use the D168155 to search (You need to register first)

The 17 indicates the bottle was made in the Clarion, Pensyllvania glassworks, the 3 is a date code and the 6 a mould number.

Reference: Bill Lockhart, The Dating Game: Owens-Illinois Glass Co., Bottles and Extras, 2004, Vol.15 No.3.

Designer: Milton, Daniel and Joseph Issenberg - patented August 8, 1952

Size: 220mm (8¾") overall height

Image ©2007 F Andrews


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