Grapette Clown bottle bank

c1930-70's probably 50/60's

Bottle cap is printed with Clown face and "Grapette Family Beverage Syrup" and "Grapette Roducts, Camden Ark" around cap side. This bottle still has the originally cap seal, removable to be used as a coin savings bank. Base of bottle has mould lettering under base "GRAPETTE - PRODUCTS CO. - 9 OI_logo 3 - 7 - CAMDEN ARK."

The 9 indicates the bottle was made in the Streator, Illinois glassworks, the 3 is a date code and the 7 a mould number.

Reference: Bill Lockhart, The Dating Game: Owens-Illinois Glass Co., Bottles and Extras, 2004, Vol.15 No.3.

Size: 180mm (7") overall height

See also the Grapette Elephant made by Liberty Glass.

Image ©2007 F Andrews


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