Boffo Fish 1

c.1969 by Vincente Boffo

Size: 8½" long 6" high.

Image ©2007 P. Hogan

Vincente Boffo joined Whitefriars in 1959 as a master glassblower, in the factory he was known as MR Boffo. He worked with his son Ettore and left Whitefriars sometime in 1970.
He left with his Son to join Michael Harris who started Mdina , Valletta, Malta . He stayed on at Mdina when Michael Harris left in 1972 and was mainly involved with training apprentices.

Both these pieces are probably " Friggers " although he did make similar fish for Whitefriars as production pieces (uncatalogued) but not in the colour Tangerine (1969). The Whitefriars label states " Full Lead crystal " but this would be cased soda glass . Tangerine being a soda colour.

Patrick Hogan (11 October 2007)


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