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May 2017 - Hacking repaired - site now public

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Now listing over 800 figural glass items with about 3,000 images …a drop in the ocean as figures probably represent as great a variety as drinking glasses and bottles - yet with some localised exceptions a subject barely covered in glass literature!  Are there any collectors out there with knowledge to share… or glassmakers with creations to share and dealers with stock to sell? We would like to hear from you.

This site can be treated like a book, with the advantage that it just keeps on growing from members’ input. In addition to the figures, there are now some articles including one showing the making of a horse and a complete early book on the subject.

This catalogue is being created to help identify some of the many glass figurals that are out there. Each item is illustrated by one or more images and, where available, more than one example and  in one case over 30 images! Close-ups are included where the normal large images are still not detailed enough. Everything is organised and cross-referenced by type and maker within country. This categorisation will develop to the needs of the members and as the population grows.

It will rely on input from the community of members and also from existing makers large and small. Please discuss on Angela Bowey's Glass Message Board.

It will never be possible to identify everything as many were made by lampworkers from simple home or shop studios. But many names that might otherwise have gotten lost will now be recorded for posterity.

There is also space for articles on whatever aspect of glass animalia and figurals of interest to you… nothing is too obscure. Please tell us about lampworkers and any other snippets of glass figure lore that you know of.


The arrangement uses 'shop' software as this provides the organisational structure needed; in time this will be modified to be less shop-like. Please note the site is non-profitmaking and non-commercial - nothing is offered for sale.

Current manufacturers of glass animals are invited to submit photographs of their products for inclusion. Contact information will be kept against each figure.

Images on this site are reproduced for the purposes of research and study only. Whilst every effort has been made to trace the copyright holders, we would be grateful for any information concerning Copyright of the images, where unknown, and we will withdraw them immediately on copyright holder's request.

Over 800 inmates with over 3,000 images including:

Abels, Wasserberg - Alum Bay Glass - American Glass Co. - Atre'80 - Avon Cosmetic - Baccarat - Balmers Glass Fabrications - Bayel - Bermondsey Glass - Bols - Bridge Crystal - ? Burke (US) - Caithness Glass Co. Ltd. - CALP (RCR) - Cambridge Glass US - Central Glass Co. - Chance - Charleton - Chatur & Co. Derbyshire & Sons - Duncan and Miller - Harry Ellaway - Exbor - Fenton - Wynand Fockink - Fostoria Glass Company - G Marquet, Veuve et Fils, Verreries SA. - Glassbobbery - Goebel - Goose-Khrystalny Glassworks - Gozo Glass, Malta. - Hadeland - Heisey - Heron Glass - Holmegaard - Iittala - Imperial Glass Co. - Jablonex - James Powell & Sons - Jangles - Kanawha - Karl Palda - Kristaluxus - Lalique - Langham Glass Ltd - Lauscha - Libbey Glass - Liberty Glass Co. - Libochovice CZ - Lindshammar Glasbruk - Marcolin Art Crystal - Matrau - Mdina Glass - Mikasa - Alessandro Moretti - Morgantown Glass - Mosser Glass - Mtarfa Glass Blowers Ltd. - Murano, Italy - Nachtmann Bleikristall - Nazeing Glass Works Ltd. - New Martinsville - Ngwenya Glass - Nuutajärvi-Notsjö glass - Orrefors - Owens Illinois Glass Co. - Paden City Glass - Paul Critchley - Pirelli Glass Ltd, UK - Portieux - Powell/Whitefriars - Pukeberg Glasbruk - Reijmyre Glasbruk - Richardson - Richards and Hartley - Riihmäen lasi - Rudolfova Hut - Rynbende - Sabino - Schade & Buysing - Selkirk Glass - SI. AN Cristallerie, Italia - Sklo Union - L E Smith - Spojené České Sklárny - Steuben Glass Works - Swarovski - Tiara Exclusives - Trevelyan Manufacturing - Turnmill Studios - Guy Underwood - Vasart - Verrerie d'Art de Bendor - Walther - Waterford Crystal - Wedgwood Glass - Westmoreland - Whitefriars. And many others


Africa, Australia, Austria, Bohemia, China, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Éire, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Swaziland, Sweden, Taiwan, UK, Ukraine, USA.

Lots more to come!

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