Seated Nude - olive frosted

Rudolfova Hut, formerly Josef Inwald, Czech Republic.
Introduced 1963
Manufacturer: Rudolfova Hut

Designed by Jitka Foveytová - based on a ceramic sculpture exhibited in 1958.

Clear and frosted versions in many colours. Also with different base to fit on plug of bowl. Was illustrated on page 14 in Mary Van Pelt\'s book LINK where it was incorrectly attributed, a copy of this piece has been placed next to the original and shows how the design has been adjusted over time.

Sizes: 150mm (approx 6") high

Image ©2009 F Andrews

With thanks to M Newhall SkloUnion.Com author of book Sklo Union, Art before Industry, 2008. isbn 978-0-9560623-0-7


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