Elephant (trunk up)

Turnmill Studios, UK.
Manufacturer: Holmegaard A/S

Turnmill Studio was founded by Adam Aaronson in 1986 and operated at 64 Turnmill Street London EC1, From 1987-1989 it employed a number of ex-Wedgwood Glass blowers who had been made redundant when Caithness bought the Wedgwood Glass factory. This is why some of the repertoire was in the Wedgwood style, but in the case of the elephants, the trunks are different from Wedgwood ones and also the colours were generally different. They were all signed Turnmill Studio and dated, and most should have some initials as well.(A. Aaronson 2008)

Sizes: 140mm (5½") high,  89mm (3½") long

©2008 R Pearce

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